Breaking the silence

  What's the point of building your dream home if no one ever comes for a visit and you don't get to share it with those you love? This is probably going to be the most open post I ever written. Why I'm doing this is because I am fed up and tierd of bottling things... Continue Reading →


The road back

  After a long period (years) of constant stress and worrying without so much as a break, it finally caught up with me. Depression and anxiety. The evil twins that had been lurking in the shadows for a long time, watching every step I took, every decision I made or didn't make. I can not say... Continue Reading →

Our fragile world



Just want to wish you all a wonderful autumn and at the same time I want to send out my prayers to all of those who have been affected by those horrible hurricanes and earthquake that have been happening in the world the past weeks and that are still going on. We live in a time where the world is changing and the weather phenomena are getting worse than we have ever seen. Our world is fragile and we need to do our utmost to protect it and take good care of each other, weather be it everyday life or in crisis like so many countries and people are experiencing right now. One can not refrain from feeling little and powerless when all you can do is to stand by and watch this catastrophe happen.

Until next, take good care and thank you for stopping by.


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