Sometimes life is about risking everything  for a dream no one can see but you 

It feels like I’m in a bit of a dilemma. 

This is pretty serious because it is about making a choice between two very realiastic dreams that I have had for a long time. Both are important (and if I could I would follow both). 

One of them is about taking a risk and requires a bit more of a sacrifice than the other but it could also in the long run, guarnatee a (more) stable income. 

With the other, I would most likely have a lot less to live on, but I would be doing what I really love and without taking a too big risk.

So what is more important? 

Doing what you love, for perhaps little money ( but you’ll never know, it maybe might lead to some kind of recognition)  

Or doing the next best thing and get a regular paycheck every month that allows you to (on your days off) make time for your passion, pay the rent and if you’re lucky, go on a vacation now and then. 

It is so easy to listen to the opinons of others and compare yourself and your life with the rest. It is also easy to fall into the trap of materialism and think that your life isn’t complete without the latest gadgets or without all the trips around the world. And once you get the taste of the good life, you also have to find steady a way to maintain the high standards you have become accustomed to.

I did get a taste of it, and I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t like it. But the price I had to pay became in the end too high. It was too stressful and my health had to pay.

So my question is, what life path do I want to follow? Is it worth it to risk it all to follow a dream no one can see but you? 

And why is it so difficult to make a decision? None of those dreams have any real guarantee. Nothing in life really has. And what do I know, in the end they might lead to the same thing. A happy and content life, but in a different way.

Money isn’t everything and it certainly can’t buy you happiness. It can buy you things that will make you happy for a while, but it can never make you feel the way you do when you do something with your own hands or when you create something from scratch.

So what kind of happiness do I want? And who do I want or need to impress? Myself or someone else?

Why is it so hard to believe in one self? 

I know I have the talent to do both things, but I also know that one would give me more pleasure than the other. These are two very different paths that now lie in front of me and nothing says I need to make a permanent decision. But I want to commit and stick to my choice. And give it one hundred percent of my time and effort. 

To be continued…


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