So close yet so far away

    Desire can be a dangerous thing. At the same time as its synonyms are beautiful words like; Love, Lust, Attraction and Infatuation, things like Need, Yearning and Craving are also a part of it and do not have the same nice feeling to them, at all.  Love is supposed to lift you up and... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my summer paradise

One of many beautiful views my hometown Varberg has to offer. This is between Apelviken and Kåsa (or little Apelviken) overlooking the bay towards the Varbergs Fortress . If you like my art and would like to see more of my work, you are welcome to join me at ACK visual art studio. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

The test prints are here

Two days ago I got my first post card test prints. This is the first time I print my photos and art as real postcards. I’ve had them printed before but as art cards on a very different kind or paper. More like miniature pictures you can frame and hang on the wall or use... Continue Reading →

Time to get creative

  It's time to get creative. Today I sent off the first test print for my little "business" idea. If everything goes well, I'll place a bigger order and in few weeks my art will be on the market, or should I say, at the market! Yes, I'm going to give it a try to have... Continue Reading →

Following my dream

  It is with pleasure I can now tell you that I have decided to re-open my art page ACK visual art studio. I wasn’t sure how I would return to the world wide web with my art or if I would at all. But thankfully I have now come to the conclusion that this is... Continue Reading →

May your walls know joy

  Yesterday I held a housewarming party with my closest friends and their families. It was a moment I have been longing for, for a long time. This month marks the 9th month here in my new home but also a new and improved chapter in my life. And on Tuesday, it will be 4... Continue Reading →

Spring cleaning your life

  With the risk of repeating myself. It is almost a week now since I pulled the plug and stopped (suddenly) working. This was something I knew would happen one day. I was so stressed out at my work, despite things (and people) that were telling me there was no need to. And I was... Continue Reading →

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