Saying goodbye 

Yesterday I said goodbye for the last time to an old friend. It wasn’t to a person but a place that had been an important part of my life for many years. It was a place where I felt safe, a place where I was always welcome and where I could just be myself and exist. When I was there it felt that all the worries of the world where non existing.

For many years it was my little paradise. It belonged to one of my dearest friends that few years ago began a new chapter in his life, so the house had been out for rental for a while but still belonged to my friend. So in a way it was still there even if it wasn’t. It still existed but wasn’t the place it used to be anymore.

Recently it was put up for a sale, so when I could I helped with clearing it out. And it was difficult for me because I knew that the last threads of this part of my life where about to dissolve. But I put up a brave face and helped my friend.

In a way I was nothing but happy for him. He certainly deserved all the happiness in the world. But at the same time I couldn’t help feeling that my happiness was being taken away. 

This was the place I went to every summer to spend time with my dearest friends. Here we had made great memories for life. Memories that came very much to life once I returned to finish removing the last bits from this era. 14 years of friendship in this little house had come to an end. Well the friendship is still there and for many years to come. But a piece of my heart has been taken away. 

Now, I am not trying to be selfish. But the fact is that I am not a fan of big changes. Especially when they happen all at once.

I know life is an ever changing process. But I think that we can all agree on the fact, that we need that one place we would like to be able to return to. A place where you can shut out the world and even just for a while, forget all your troubles and just be yourself.


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