Be kind to one another

In these days of heartless actions happening around the world, I just want to spread some love and kindness. Few days ago there was yet another attack on our way of living and democracy. This time it was in Stockholm, the capital of my country Sweden. I am heartbroken, but I still want to belive... Continue Reading →


Have a wonderful weekend

  Just want to wish you all a wonderful weekend. Spring has arrived to my little town here on the West Coast of Sweden and the sun is warming us with its love. Myself am looking forward a good and healthy weekend. It will be mostly work but I intend to spend some time as... Continue Reading →

Time to leave the party

  To decide when it's time to leave the party, and start doing something better with your life can take time and a whole lot of effort. And it can be difficult. As we are different, we all have different ways when we do so. Sometimes it is easy and you don't have to struggle... Continue Reading →

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