How to relax and find happiness in the simple things…


We are as different as we are many and what gives us pleasure and the sense of relaxation varies from person to person.

There are some who don’t need much, they can enjoy simple things like a good book, a warm bath or a fresh cup of coffee. Few things that can make your whole day. And there are some who need to step it up a bit or all the way to things like a day at the spa, a shopping spree or a dinner at the finest restaurant in town. I am aware of the extreme differences in those things, but it is just to make a point on how different we can be.

So let’s begin with the simple things shall we?

For me there are fewer things that give me as much pleasure as when I visit my favorite coffee shop in the town where I live. It can be as well on a rainy day as on a sunny afternoon. Whether it is to just sit down and catch a breath after a long day or to celebrate a certain something or simply to enjoy a moment for myself. Just to find my favorite seat by the window not occupied and to sit there with a freshly made cup and maybe a bit of a pastry, can make my whole day. It gives me time to relax and reflect. Sometimes it is all it takes to recharge the batteries. Just to watch life go by outside that window with my cup in my hand. I can not think of many other things as simple, that at the same time give you so much.

You see, even when living a busy life where it seems that you never get a moment for yourself. There is always time and opportunities to catch a breath. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. It is about the ability to give the small things in life a bigger value. To stop for a while and just look around you and be in that moment. So next time you hold your favorite cup in your hand or see that flower you love so much. Take a moment and smell that coffee or that flower. Or what ever it might be you are experiencing. If you only have 5 minutes spare, use it! Who knows, it might turn your whole day around.


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