Dolce far niente

Morning walk

The Sweetness of doing nothing…

How do you make the most of your precious moments where you have only yourself to take care of? Those moments when you have time to do exactly what you want. How do you spend it?

Today’s society demands our fullest attention. We are always connected, always online, always available. And it is taking its toll on us. We are always going somewhere, always on the move from one point to another. Rushing through life. Not knowing when or how to stop and just Exist, just Breath and just Be.

And that brings me to the theme of this new blog of mine.

My intention and my hope is to collect all the good and simple things life has to offer. Things you can enjoy during those moments of sweet nothing…

May it be delicious food I have tasted, a beautiful song I heard, a hidden oasis I found where you can just withdraw from it all, a book or a movie I would like to tell you about. I am no critic of any kind nor an expert, just a regular human being who wants to make the most of those precious moments we have in between all the musts. What you might read is only my personal experience of each thing. Maybe it will be useful for you maybe not.

Non the less, I hope you will find something you like and if you do, please let me know. I will be happy to hear about it.


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